About Us

At GlobalData Marketing Solutions, we harness the synergy of cutting-edge technology, comprehensive business intelligence, innovative content creation, vast audience engagement, and event expertise. Our mission? To provide our clients with an end to end marketing solution that provides unparalleled competitive advantage in the marketplace.

This unique combination of technology, business information, content creation and audience gives GMS clients true competitive advantage.

GlobalData Marketing Solutions

Headquartered in London, with a global presence spanning 23 offices worldwide, our solution melds our company business intelligence, B2B media network and events expertise to create the ultimate end to end marketing platform.


A beacon of growth in data and analytics on the London Stock Exchange, GlobalData boasts a team of 3,500 scientists, analysts, journalists, editors, and researchers. With operations in over 160 countries, we serve 4,500 active clients across our data, consulting, and marketing ventures. Our real-time tracking encompasses over 500,000 companies across diverse sectors, equipping clients with the insights required to navigate markets, pinpoint opportunities, and make data-driven decisions.

In Numbers

  • 100m Data points targetable by user.
  • 55m Industry professionals visiting our websites.
  • 500k Companies tracked in real-time.
  • 40+ B2B websites under our umbrella.

Our B2B network

Comprising over 40+ B2B websites and magazines, our B2B network spans sectors from Healthcare and Consumer to Finance and Energy. Their daily delivery of industry news, insights, and analysis attracts a global audience of top-tier management and decision-makers, fueling our editorial expertise and lead generation capabilities.

The Ultimate Sales Growth Solution

Discover the transformative power of GlobalData Marketing Solutions. Let us unveil how we drive results, harnessing the power of GlobalData, the expansive reach of our B2B media network, and the unmatched expertise of our team.

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  • Retarget leads on
    social media
  • Social media
  • One user ID
  • Decrease
    duplication of costs
  • Integrated into Facebook
    and Twitter for your social
    media campaigns

We provide hyper-personalised content experiences for employees of target companies when they visit any of our B2B sites. Using AI and propensity modelling we target employees with your content, until they are ready to hear more by filling in a form. We use edge computing to provide faster responses and enhanced targeting.

We provide you with real-time lead notifications that are automatically verified against your target company list through a dedicated dashboard, before being sent into your inbox seconds later.

These real-time notifications include first name, surname, job title, email, telephone number, company, company activity, country, asset downloaded, date and time of engagement; which can be integrated into your CRM automatically, as well as into your social media CRM for retargeting. Our technology provides remarkable accuracy and firmographic data for higher ROI and a more nuanced conversation.