Case Study: Delbag

17th December 2021

“The content was well written and listed on journalistic sites that had millions of readers. And the GlobalData Marketing Solutions dashboard captured leads we would not have known about if we tried to do this a different way.”

Thorsten Stoffel, is the Product Manager for DELBAG Air Filtration. DELBAG offers a range of over 2,000 air filter products for a range of non-residential commercial applications, and unique filter systems mainly for processing air and exhaust. These air filter systems are commonly used in applications for buildings, air conditioning, ventilation, industrial manufacturing, medical and life science, automotive manufacturing, turbomachinery, and power generation.

Thorsten Stoffel, DELBAG: My business includes the strategic alignment of indoor HVAC air filtration, air intake filters for turbo machinery, as well as process air filtration used in industrial manufacturing. We needed to get our message across to our target audiences, and to expand our digital presence internationally.

This was already a priority to me before we hit the pandemic, but with less events taking place, increasing our digital footprint quickly became more important than ever. Specifically, we wanted to make DELBAG known beyond Central and Western Europe.

The GlobalData Marketing Solutions Results:

Thorsten Stoffel, DELBAG: By looking at the number of downloads we’re getting and the number of registrants for webinars through the GlobalData Marketing Solutions campaign, we can see that this has been a success. The content downloads reflect a lot more international attention than we’ve had previously. I’m very satisfied with the way that this works because we’ve begun to create an international digital footprint.

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