No More Excuses: 9 Ways to Create Pharmaceutical Social Campaigns that Resonate & Engage

17th March 2022

Looking for your 2022 prescription for pharma social media campaigns?

Here’s 9 ways to shatter the haze of substandard social content in the pharmaceutical sector, complete with the latest examples.

Here you’ll find:

  • Regulation resources
  • Social platform tips and demographics
  • Hashtagging in 2022
  • Influencer & Social Listening Guidance
  • Video, Tone, and Tempo

Every page will show businesses best practice examples including side-by-side comparisons of pharma company profiles and why they’re successful.

Pharmaceutical companies tell stories about their employees, they put the most diverse
employees front and centre, they talk about people not chemicals, and they use emotive imagery, video and text to communicate their messaging.

Of course the marketing community will say that this is a difficult industry to socially. You’ll hear about the regulations, the hurdles, and the penalties for getting it wrong. But without sound social media strategy and meaningful campaigns, pharmaceutical companies will categorically lose out.

And let’s be honest, this is an industry that deals in calculated risk every day. Social media can be done by any pharma company relatively painlessly, cost-effectively, and well. No more excuses.