Abu Dhabi Investment Office Video Testimonial

For those who have read the case study, you may want to hear for yourself from Bonny Lee-Lawrie, Head of Marketing and Communications at Abu Dhabi Investment Office. She has been working with Abu Dhabi Investment Office (ADIO) since 2019.

Their Approach:

With an interest in reaching investors and a belief in the value of third-party advocacy, Abu Dhabi Investment Office embarked on a content strategy that could help tell successful investment stories of the businesses who have relocated there.

Bonny Lee-Lawrie, Abu Dhabi Investment Office: “Most people associate us with oil and gas and defense industries as well as with sovereign wealth funds. But we also have a great name globally with newer sectors such as Agricultural Technology and Biopharma.”

Find out how it turned out in this video testimonial! And if you need help with your own location marketing, you can reach us here.