Six clients talk results…

We’re a big fan of results here at GlobalData Marketing Solutions. And we asked 6 clients to tell you about theirs (so as not to monopolise the conversation). FInd out what they had to say.

Meanwhile some of our favourite quotes include…

“Whenever I’m talking about increasing awareness, or generating leads this is one of our top programs that does that for us.” – Kelly McCarry, Global Digital Marketing Manager, Datwyler Healthcare

“We’re in one of the top results that come out about our company. People are saying ‘We want a manufacturer in the United States, who are the players out there?’ You’ve gotten us out in front to show that we’re one of the players out there and that’s what’s important.” – Jeffrey Speicher, General Manager Commerical, Avéma Pharma Solutions

“We actually ended up doing 2 webinars with your team and it was really incredible.” – Lynn Johnson, President, APiS North

Take a look and let us know what you think! And as always, if you need any help with strategy or just wanted to have a chat, reach out to us here.