GlobalData Awarded as a Leader in Data Strategy

25th September 2023

Snowflake launched their Modern Marketing Data Stack report this week, which awards GlobalData as a Leader in their Enrichment category. We were named as a leader in implementing first party data strategies, which, alongside third-party data sources, results in higher addressability through additional demographic attributes to better understand each customer more precisely.

According to Snowflake, “Enrichment providers add high-value attributes such as demographics, behavioral patterns, and interests, while utilizing third party data sources including social media data, behavioral tracking data, and other external intel.”

Why does this matter? Because this data enables marketers to give our target audience a better experience, more relevantly timed campaigns, and more personalized content. It improves engagement rates, grows conversion rates, reaps customer satisfaction and massively improves brand loyalty.

It’s great to be recognised, and you can find the full report here!