GlobalData GMS Team Triumphs at UK Digital Excellence Awards with Siemens Campaign 

21st March 2024

Another ceremony, another award for GlobalData… 

In a remarkable achievement that continues an impressive award-winning streak, the GlobalData GMS Team has been crowned winners of the prestigious ‘Best Use of Personalisation’ category at the 2024 UK Digital Excellence Awards.   

Adding to their raft of recent recognition success stories the accolade, announced at a glittering industry award ceremony in London, recognizes the team’s innovative approach and outstanding execution, this time delivering a personalized marketing campaign in collaboration with Siemens.  

The UK Digital Excellence Awards is known for celebrating the best in digital marketing and innovation, with this year’s gathering attracting some of the nation’s top digital talents.  

With such an accomplished array of competitors, it is even more monumental that GlobalData brought home one of the premier awards of the evening.  

Amidst the many worthy and consequential projects in this industry-leading competition, the GlobalData GMS Team’s campaign stood out and shone. It was particularly recognised for, among other things, its creative use of data and personalization techniques. These were adroitly used to deliver a highly targeted and effective marketing strategy for Siemens, a flagship client for GlobalData.  

As the judges attested in their comments, the award was in recognition of a truly outstanding team effort, one that delivered above expectations, with superb results:  

“Their results exceeded all expectations, helping generate qualified leads within a difficult niche. This kind of project is difficult to do to such a high standard, so we truly praise you for this. We particularly loved the fact that the data for personalisation was not just of high quality, but was delivered clearly and quickly, allowing the sales team to be more productive” 

GlobalData’s award-winning campaign was designed to leverage the power of personalization, bespoke content, and tailored messaging, all developed to meet the specific needs and interests of Siemens’ diverse customer base.  

By analyzing customer data and behavior, the GlobalData GMS Team was able to create a series of personalized touchpoints that resonated with the audience, resulting in increased engagement and a significant uplift in campaign performance. 

The campaign’s success is a testament to the GlobalData GMS Team’s industry acumen within, and understanding of the ever-evolving digital landscape. Showcasing their ability to harness the latest technologies to deliver measurable results, this is a truly noteworthy achievement for the GlobalData team.  

As personalization continues to be at the forefront of digital marketing, the award also highlights the team’s commitment to pushing the boundaries, chasing innovation and setting new standards for excellence in the industry. 

The victory at the UK Digital Excellence Awards is not just a milestone for the GlobalData GMS Team, as it also serves as an inspiration for the digital marketing industry as a whole.  

In addition to underscoring the value and importance of personalization in today’s digital-first world, it showcases how strategic and thoughtful implementation leads to exceptional outcomes. 

As the GlobalData GMS Team celebrates this significant accomplishment, their sights are now set on further innovation within and across the digital space.  

With this award, the team has firmly established themselves as leaders in personalized digital marketing, and they are poised to continue making waves in the industry for years to come. 

Congratulations to everyone who was a part of the project, and here’s to the next one.