Location Marketing Case Study: Surprise, Arizona

6th December 2022

One of the biggest challenges to marketers and business development teams operating in specialist business verticals, is reaching a targeted range of potential customer contacts through a focused marketing spend. Kirsten Hall was interested in building brand awareness for the City of Surprise.

Kirsten Hall, Business Attraction Project Manager, City of Surprise Arizona:

“We wanted to connect with the right people at the right time. We chose Investment Monitor to help us expand awareness of the City of Surprise globally.”

Investment Monitor introduced Kirsten to GlobalData Marketing Solutions as an intelligent way to build brand awareness.

The strategy was simple. Drive a hyper-personalised brand awareness campaign for City of Surprise that put advertisers’ messages in front of their identified target audience. Our writers and journalists used business intelligence data from GlobalData (our parent company) to create compelling content that would interest the businesses Surprise wanted to attract.

VMS used AI to position this content on Investment Monitor (a leading global FDI investment platform) exactly when key decision makers at our target companies were reading it.

The results?

“Last year our focus was on industrial development, and we had a lot of interest. We ended up selling 2 square miles of land to industrial investors. This year our focus is on class A office and we’re looking forward to continuing to tell our story through Investment Monitor.”

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